Why People Run Marathons?

“You anyway run a regular rat race at your office everyday, then why run a marathon?”

I am sure the 44,000 runners who ran the Tata Mumbai Marathon last Sunday (21st January, 2018) didn’t feel the same. What is it that kept them going? What is it that made them run for hours? Looking at the various photos and videos of people who finish their marathon, we have all wondered at some point WHY?

Why people run marathon
Athletes particpate at the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2018 at Marine drive. | Photo Credit: Emmanual Yogini

WHY is that people decide to run Marathons? WHY is that people run if it is so exhausting, painful and time-consuming?

For answers to all the above questions, I’d simply say — “Run and See it for yourself.”

However, if you still want the formulas, explanations and facts — I’ve got it covered for you.

The reasons why we all start running may vary, but somewhere down the line we all have One reason. Majority of the people I spoke to started running because they wanted to lose weight, some wanted to relive their athletic school and college days, some ran for a cause, some wanted to overcome their fears.

People choose running because –


Easiest Sport in the WORLD

What do you need to begin running? Is running area-bound, time-bound or people-bound? No! Running is the easiest sport to fit into a very busy lifestyle because we can do it anywhere, anytime and it’s free. Unlike tennis, badminton or football, you don’t have to be a member of a club, and there’s relatively little risk of injury. Had a hectic day, go for a run before you grab your dinner! See? It is indeed that simple and easy!

Why people run marathon

Begins with the Body, then Conquers your MIND

Most of us begin running with a wish to get fit again and shed some extra kilos, but eventually it turns into a fun and stress-relieving past-time. Running aids in lowering your blood pressure by making sure the arteries stay nice and elastic and it also at the same time releases your happy hormones i.e. endorphins.

Also, once you decide to sign up for a marathon and actually finish it, the feeling of accomplishment that comes with crossing the line is not only a validation of what you are capable of but is also inexplicable.

Why People Run Marathon
Happy Feet, Happy Smiles, our Co-Founder Ashrith G

Helps you Push Your Limits, real time.

Honestly, this is the actual reason why people keep registering for marathons one after the other. When you are training for a marathon, not only do you get a better sense of managing your days well, but you also get a sense of how and where you stand each day. With every few seconds reducing to reach that target during your training, your smile keeps getting wider. Always thought you were competitive? Well, running is the right thing for you. Because if you are a runner, you are your own competition. Of course, with the crowd moving and cheering, you definitely will get to overtake a lot of people, but in reality with each run, it is YOU who is getting better.

Why People Run Marathon
It never gets easier, you just get Better!

If all this doesn’t appeal to you yet, FeetApart would honestly recommend you to try it out and see it for yourself. Because, in the end we as an organization do practice what we preach! Not blowing our own trumpet, but the picture above has our Co-Founder, Abhishek Roy finishing at 1st Position for the Ultra Marathon (12.5K category) held this year 🙂

The cherry on the cake is the number of marathons that are happening every month are on a rise and some of them also promise a view to die for!

The calendar for running events includes the Run of Kutch, Himalayan Crossing, Mizoram Ultra, Nilgiris 100, Kaveri Trail Marathon, Satara Marathon, La Ultra- The High (Ladakh) etc. and young adventure and fitness enthusiasts from various cities have been jumping at the opportunity to run on difficult terrains with scenic beauty.

Gear Up, Enroll for a Marathon and → Ready, Set, RUNNNNN!!

“As every runner knows, running is about more than just putting one foot in front of the other; it is about our lifestyle and who we are”- Joan Benoit


FeetApart is a social, employee friendly health & wellness platform targeted to make employees lead a stress-free and healthy lifestyle. For organizations, this means reduced costs on employee health, increased employee productivity and better work culture.

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