What to do in your 20’s to stay fit in 50’s!

Think you're too youthful to even consider worrying about getting old? You may have less time than you might think.  The physical decrease starts prior in life when individuals are in their 50s. “What you do in your 20s, 30s, and 40s really dictates what happens to you in your 50s, 60s, and 70s”. If you develop healthy exercise habits in early adulthood, you can most likely preserve your functional ...

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5 Groovy Tunes to listen during the Marathon

Music! It just makes any sort of physical movement appear to go quicker. No big surprise individuals in exercise centres, on the track and in the recreation centre are altogether wearing earbuds while moving their bodies! In case you need great practising music, why not experiment with these five types? 1. Top 40 dance Hits You're cruising along in your vehicle and you abruptly hear a tune that makes you have a craving ...

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After an incredible workout, all I need to do is sit back, unwind, and treat myself to something tasty - like a pint of beer or a colossal. Presently, there's a lot of discussion concerning why liquor isn't generally extraordinary for you after you work out. Be that as it may, there are opposite sides to each story, and lo and see, there are a lot of reasons why drinking ...

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6 Fitness Lessons From an Ant

“What can an ant teach me” I hear you ask. You would be surprised. Be it fitness or life lessons, everyone learns it from our past mistakes. It’s funny enough to tell, but we can take advice from an ant and its life not only on life lessons but also fitness. Let’s see the fitness lessons that an ant can teach us: FOCUS Ants teach us a lesson of not deviating from our ...

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Funny Myths And Facts about Dieting!

Everyone will be familiar with the word dieting! Actually what is it? In my opinion dieting is a state of life where one should have a real time goal of making yourself better. All of us will come across a lot of funny situations while we are trying to diet. Nothing is good if it's in excess. Too much of something won’t bring us any profit. Starving won’t reduce any extra ...

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