Runner’s Dictionary

Starting a new habit is hard, especially when it’s one you kind of dread. But here’s the trick: Don’t go all in and swear you’ll run six days a week if you’ve barely run before. Create a schedule and stick to it. Every runner feels an urge to compete to himself as days goes by. There is only one thought for running : Just CommitSet a goalGear upStay healthyGet inspired Here are some ...

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5 Groovy Tunes to listen during the Marathon

Music! It just makes any sort of physical movement appear to go quicker. No big surprise individuals in exercise centres, on the track and in the recreation centre are altogether wearing earbuds while moving their bodies! In case you need great practising music, why not experiment with these five types? 1. Top 40 dance Hits You're cruising along in your vehicle and you abruptly hear a tune that makes you have a craving ...

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Why People Run Marathons?

“You anyway run a regular rat race at your office everyday, then why run a marathon?” I am sure the 44,000 runners who ran the Tata Mumbai Marathon last Sunday (21st January, 2018) didn’t feel the same. What is it that kept them going? What is it that made them run for hours? Looking at the various photos and videos of people who finish their marathon, we have all wondered at ...

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