Stuck In a Traffic Jam – Here’s What You Should Do!

Owning a car or a bike of your own is a dream for most of us. However, once this dream is fulfilled we realise the pain of dealing with horrible city traffic, and as Bangaloreans most of us bare this pain on a day-to-day basis.

Not only is traffic a constant source of irritation but in some cases it can also cause a lot of stress. So if you are tired of staring at the backlights of cars, and listening to the endless honking around you, here are a few suggestions that can help you entertain yourself while stuck in a jam.

Unleash your inner bathroom singer:

A traffic jam is an ideal opportunity for you to display your singing potential and to unleash your inner bathroom singer. Make sure you always travel with music of your choice and when the going gets tough let your vocal cords do the healing. Not only will the music help uplift your mood, you’ll be entertained to see the reactions you’ll get from the passengers in the vehicles next to you.

Snack your way back home:

Who doesn’t love food that too in a stressful situation! Most of us are extra cranky when we are hungry while being stuck in a traffic jam. Make sure to carry some healthy, dry snacks on your way to work and back. Snacking while driving calms you down instantly and it also helps in boosting your energy levels after a tiring day.

Car pool with friends:

It’s always better to have company with you while being stuck in traffic. If you and your colleagues live nearby start travelling together whenever you can. Or you can always choose to travel in a shared cab if you are comfortable with it. Having company is a great distraction from the traffic, and makes your journey more relaxing.

Snooze through it:

If you are not on the driver’s seat then a traffic jam is an ideal place for you to catch up on your power nap! Not only will you reach your destination fresh, the entire journey will seem a lot shorter than it actually is.


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