Standing Workplaces : Are they the Right Choice?

Actions have been taken, myths have been broken, changes always come round the corner, but nothing lasts long. The question still stands strong, quite literally – “Is Standing workplaces, the right way to work?”

Having our expertise lie within the niche domain of Corporate Wellness, we decided to take this challenging question head on.

Why Standing Workstations are recommended:

  1. Standing workstations are recommended because it is the most natural thing to do rather than sitting for 8 hours. Rewind back to the early centuries, our ancestors were known for being hunters, gatherers; and the revolution of technology just tied us down to our workstations.
  2. Each time you sign up on a fitness app, they ask you how active are you and unknowingly we mark ourselves as either ‘Active, Moderately Active, etc.’. The reality is our office sitting points us to being sedentary for 77% of the time in office.
  3. Standing workstations also are known to improve your posture and thus reduces probability of having shoulder, back and neck aches.
  4. What I love most about a standing desk is that it makes you feel energetic throughout a day. Indeed it is the most effective way of working at office.
  5. Independent of regular exercise, standing and working resulted in slimmer waists, lower BMIs and lower fat and blood sugar levels.

A study showed that people who had the most breaks in their sedentary time had a waistline an average of 5.95cm slimmer than those with the least breaks: Breaks in Sedentary Time

Why Standing Workstations are NOT recommended:

  1. If you are an employer who will never compromise on the quality when it comes to your employee. It becomes a costly affair for you to set up standing workstations.
  2. It typically takes 2 weeks to your body to get adjusted to standing and understanding the right amount of time. And just FYI – You should definitely not stand for 8 hours straight, there are adverse health effects of that too.
  3. If your work involves a lot of reading and writing, I don’t know if you will enjoy standing for long hours and reading. It is at times more comfortable for you to sit and analyze and read pages after pages of the project files.
  4. With most offices moving to Open Workstations Concepts, it’s quite evident that people will tend to be distracted. Also, it will be difficult to concentrate for a longer duration as constantly seeing your colleagues all the time.

Having mentioned the pros and cons of a standing workstation, we at FeetApart would honestly recommend everyone to combine the posture of standing and sitting.

Hey, don’t forget to sneak those 5 min workout tips that we often mention on our social media pages for you.

Do write to us if you have any comments, suggestions or just some love for us.

Till then, keep working and keep working out!


FeetApart is a social, employee friendly health & wellness platform targeted to make employees lead a stress-free and healthy lifestyle. For organizations, this means reduced costs on employee health, increased employee productivity and better work culture.

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