One Minute Principle For Life!

In the race of life, you need self-confidence, courage, and faith in your abilities to win it. Time has come when one should strive to be the better version of himself even by a tiny bit. In the process of becoming better, we all go through many obstacles in between.

If you ask me about what is life and how I take it, I would say live life accepting the things that happen and make it real living. I know, everyone won’t get my point of view but it’s only about living your own race, not running a marathon for just the sake of it!

Between all these achievements and goals we go through a lot of stress and lack of confidence and basic discipline. Can I ask you all one simple question? Can we all give one minute of our day for improving ourselves? It’s okay to take one minute from your work or gym schedule or even pubg! I know most of you will be like LOL.

I will tell you how this one minute can help you. Every one of us just has to do one thing at the same time every day for only one minute. Be it anything, from doing one minute of run to one minute of dancing. But the rule is to do only that thing daily at the same exact time.

It will be a little bit difficult at first but later when it becomes a practice, it can do wonders. You will gain some confidence in you slowly and self-discipline will start building up. All of us will move towards a chill mode from stress. Even we can cope up with deadlines. There is one more thought that I can add to this context; by improving yourself one percent for a day means you are 37 times better after one year! (pure mathematics)

Our overall wellness can be improved with just one minute from your life daily! Funny to read at the start. But try this out once. It’s no harm to do something which only benefits you. As someone said:

” what seems impossible one minute becomes, through faith, possible the next”


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