Keep Swimming and Push your Limits

From one million miles away, our planet looks like a small blue rock and from one hundred million miles it is just a tiny pale blue dot, a planet mostly covered with water. Throughout our history we have had a deep connection to water described in art, literature, and poetry.

We are inspired by water. Perhaps that is the reason swimming is fascinating for many of us. Apart from this great fascination, what else swimming brings for us?

 1. Swimming is good for your mind:

We know that all exercises and sports give you a good feeling but what is so special about swimming?

A study was made on kids who belong to two groups, one-who took swimming lessons and another one- who are non-swimmers. The results showed that kids who regularly participated in swimming were able to master language development, fine motor skills, confidence, and physical development sooner than the non-swimmer group.

Another interesting study shows that when you are swimming or when you are just in a pool of water, blood flow increases in your brain by 14% which improves your cognitive abilities.

2. Swimming is good for your body:

As water supports the body’s weight, people with injuries, suffering from obesity or arthritis , or at an advanced age can easily swim without stress being applied to their joints and bones.Water is 12 times denser than air, making swimming more effective at toning your muscles than any other form of aerobic exercise on land.

With swimming, you get the cardio portion of your workout while also working on an even body tone. Swimming can burn up to 500 to 900 calories in an hour. This in general is better than running (8mph), rope jumping or any other form of gymming.

3. Swimming makes your holiday super fun:

Even been on a swimming holiday? Ever been enchanted by stories of your grandfather or father spending their summer holidays in river swimming? Swimming gives you great memories.

Santa Monica beach, Red Beach, Long beach- these are some of the best beaches in the world recommended for sea swimming if you are fascinated about water and a passionate traveler. Snorkeling and Scuba-diving are much better if you know swimming.

It’s time to dive into the water and start exploring!


I hail from the sunny south of India ( and yes, I'm a big lover of filter-coffee).There is nothing I like more than exploring new places and meeting new people. I love to live my life dreaming big and I also love sharing my inspirations with others!

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