Watching IPL? Are you following a Healthy lifestyle!

The 10th Season of IPL is going very exciting with teams fighting for the playoff spot, very similar to your plan of following a healthy lifestyle! Isn’t it?

But you know what is different this year? YOU! Yes, YOU.

This time you are different, better and have actually taken a decision to be consistent for those lifestyle changes you took saath phere with!









The cricketers, owners, commentators and broadcasters are making all the money, then why should you lose your good health?

Who said IPL is just about watching, it’s a lot more with these simple hacks that will ensure that you are not just a couch potato for every match:

Bhajji ka Bhangra on Every Sixer

The team you support hits a SIXXEEERRR, then why not do a quick Bhangra?

Healthy Lifestyle and IPL

Quick fact: You burn around 20 calories for every minute of Bhangra that you do!


Oh S**t Squat on every OUT!

When a player from your team gets out, *we hope they don’t*  – then simply shout “Oh S**t* and squat just like this guy does it –

Healthy Lifestyle and IPL

Quick fact: You burn around 20 calories for every 5 squat that you do!


No Activity for every No Ball!

No balls from your strike bowlers is simply annoying, it’s time to RELAX because you need to breathe!

Healthy Lifestyle and IPL

Quick fact: You will remain calm if you just breathe!


Straight Walk during each Strategic Break

Just march your legs and walk and fill your water bottles while the teams are taking a quick break!

Healthy Lifestyle and IPL

Quick fact: Drinking 8 glasses of water and not beer is recommended


Last over Excitement or Nervousness? Do Crunches!

The last over is the most nail biting over most often times – burn more calories and keep anxiety at bay, simply do as many crunches as possible!

Healthy Lifestyle and IPL

Quick fact: 20 crunches in a minute burn around 3 calorie!

Well, that is all for now! If you have some interesting exercises when your Team Wins? Whistle Podu!!

Well, at the end of the match its either hugs and cheers or only tears! If the team you support wins the match – Then simply “Seeti Baja ke Bol Bhaiya- Hip Hip Hurray” 🙂


Healthy Lifestyle and IPL

Quick fact : If you can whistle with one hand, then you’d be in the rare 10 percenter


We are sure that now you know how fun and healthy IPL can actually be. You think you have some more creative suggestions for us? Drop in a comment and we’ll get it featured. Gaylestorm Promise.


This IPL, follow the fit the easier way with FeetApart. 🙂


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