How to fall in love with drinking water!

Water! That’s a very common word I guess? Everyone knows about it in every state it might be in. As the saying goes, “water water everywhere”! Ya that’s true, it is that element which is present everywhere around us.

As many “experts” advise to drink lots of water daily for our own benefits, but most of us don’t like that at all. We will be like “who cares” duh. Even I used to not like drinking water before.  Whenever mom used to say like, “drink some water in certain intervals” and I will be like “one glass is enough lol”. I know most of us are on the same tide.

Jokes apart, water is very much essential to our human body and is vital for our health. Drinking water has a lot of health benefits, maybe the list goes endless. Here I will just sight a few of them i.e. increases our ‘brain’ power, helps in the notion of “I want to lose some weight” stuff, helps fighting against illness etc. even after we being so much “educated”, we tend to ignore the fact of drinking water.

Ya ya, I understand all of your justifications. We will be like, ‘I don’t like the taste of water as it is tasteless duh’! I bet you, that’s a very cliche saying.  My way of dealing with this dilemma will be just changing the way of thinking about it. Sounds funny enough, but that works! Think of water with all its benefits to our bodies and just let it be. I know a sudden change will be difficult. Slowly develop the habit of drinking water and I bet that will surely be appreciated after all. Love water by its benefits not by its taste.

Think about better things you can achieve by increasing your brain power and immunity strength. Make water a companion who motivates you to strive forward and hit goals. If you really don’t like the taste of water, change it your way but in a healthier aspect. Even when you say, ‘I want to reduce my tummy, o my god!’ water plays a very important role.

Drinking water should be as important like sleeping for all, don’t be dipso-phobic! Lol. Make it a habit to drink water after you have a small run or while working or doing something. I bet you that will be a great stress reliever. Drinking water actually cools down our mind during hectic working hours and adds happiness inside out to work-space. What else we all need other than that. Slowly but steadily make it a routine or a daily thing to drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily. We won’t lose anything by doing this. Profit is all ours!

As the saying goes, we have to fall into it, to experience it. Same goes with drinking water. Fall into this habit and I am sure, you will understand how a drop of tastelessness can lighten your energy. Make water a need and not a constraint. Maybe in my interpretation, water keeps the doctor away more than apples!


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