How to avoid junk in workplace?

Brownies in the break room?

It can be a dangerous combo. The workplace can be a minefield of tricky food options, but if you have your own healthy, tasty food on hand, the easier it’ll be to stay on plan in the face of high-stress moments.

Here are some Tips to avoid unhealthy food at the office:

  • Put a bowl of fruit on your desk.

Keep it well stocked. The more color variety in the fruits, the better. it’ll also remind you of the healthy lifestyle you’re living.

  • Pack your lunch

If you pack your own lunch, you won’t feel as tempted by the steady stream of cakes and cookies. Obviously, if your lunch is a sad sandwich it might not be a huge help to your willpower.

  • Don’t deprive your body

Find healthy substitutions to satisfy the cravings. When employees are searching for something crunchy, like potato chips, they can try an option that still has a good, salty taste, but with less fat.

  • Drink more water

Drink plenty of water. Often, when we think we’re hungry, it’s actually the side effect of dehydration. So consuming the recommended eight glasses of water a day isn’t only healthy, but may also keep employees from overeating.

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  • Hang with the healthy crowd

Eating is often a social exercise, so employees should hang with a like-minded crowd, steering clear of unhealthy snacks. You can swap days or weeks bringing in healthy treats for one another or even do a healthy potluck as a fun lunch activity.

Ultimately, snacking is something almost every employee does in the workplace, but unhealthy snacks are tough to avoid. Make your choices wisely. You choose what you will become in every aspect. Go for healthy food habits and be Fit.

Live Strong!


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