Funny Myths And Facts about Dieting!

Everyone will be familiar with the word dieting! Actually what is it? In my opinion dieting is a state of life where one should have a real time goal of making yourself better.

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All of us will come across a lot of funny situations while we are trying to diet. Nothing is good if it’s in excess. Too much of something won’t bring us any profit. Starving won’t reduce any extra kilos from our body! These are some myths and facts about dieting:

1.    Skipping meals

Skipping a meal, especially breakfast is the most common one. This is actually a foolish thing we do.


“One meal can ruin all the progress you made during the week”


 Eating very less or making yourself starve will make you sick than making you 0 size.

2.    To avoid carbs and fats


Avoiding protein, carbs and all fats is a habit everyone has and they think that will help in weight loss.


Clearly, it’s an objection here because we should drop hands on all food groups and make your fight to fit a strong one!

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3.    Eating more and shedding it off


Thinking that eating more and working out after that will be sufficient to maintain our diet is another funny mistake we do.


This will make us drop back. Make a decent diet plan and workout along.

4.    Stress eating


Stress eating is something common everywhere. We tend to eat more while we are stressed.


Don’t make your stomach cry for food. Eat the amount of food you actually need, not for the sake of anyone.

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5.    Crash dieting is good


Another myth is fasting or crash dieting can make you lose weight faster! Sounds simple but it’s a wrong conception.


The result will be you gaining weight after a short period of time.

6.    Low fat foods are good


 There is also a debate going on low-fat foods. Some say that this can help you in losing weight.


But the actual reality is that those foods may contain more fat in most of the cases. This can hinder in weight loss.

7.    Cheat days is for binge eating


Cheat days are not meant to be taken that seriously that you eat like a cow!


Cheat days are okay if you know the limit of cheating. You can’t just binge over pizza and sandwich and desserts thinking that it’s your cheat day.

 8.    Snacking is not bad


Snacking is bad for weight loss.


Snacking is not a bad idea for weight loss. Make your food choices wisely and eat in required quantities. You can also have fast food sometimes if you know what to take.

 Ultimate fact

Give everything a break at times and just let it be! Dieting is okay if it’s done for toning yourself. It’s definitely not fine if you think of disappearing at last


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