Are You Feeling the Heat at Work?

The fact that most employees feel some form of stress in their work environment is not uncommon to any of us. As a matter of fact, if statistics have to be believed work environments have become increasingly stressful in the past 5 years.

  • 60% of workers say work-related pressure has increased in the last five years (Accountemp)

As a result, it has become highly important for organisations to alter their policies and keep their employees mental wellbeing as a core focus.

Why are employees stressed?

There are several reasons that can be attributed to employee stress, but the most significant contributors are lack of communication, long working hours and heavy workload.

  • Top sources of workplace stress: Heavy workload/looming deadlines (33%), Unrealistic expectations of managers (22%), Attaining work-life balance (22%), Coworker conflicts (15%) (Accountemps)

Most employees find it difficult to meet their work deadlines as they are over-worked and lack of communication within the organisational structure makes it harder for them to get along with their managers and peers. Not only does this impact the productivity of the employees, it also degrades the culture of the organisation.

Finding the right work life balance:

Employees who manage to handle their workload efficiently may still find it hard to attain an ideal work-life balance.

  • 80% of employees’ say their greatest source of stress is not spending as much time at home (Paychex)

Not spending enough time with family or not being able to pursue hobbies and recreational activities hampers the productivity of employees and also impacts their overall health. In some cases the imbalance is so skewed that employees don’t even get enough hours of sleep on a day-to-day basis.

What can organisation do?

To help employees beat their stressful routines, corporates need to imbibe a supportive and nurturing work culture, which focuses on several other aspects apart from financial gains. Managers need to focus on building a friendly environment where in employees can share their ideas and structure their work more efficiently.

Corporates also need to help employees attain a more positive work-life balance by giving them flexible work hours, gamified wellness programs and a defined benefits policy.

  • Work atmosphere traits Millennials seek in employers: work/life balance (69.2%), friendly coworkers (57.3%), friendly to people of all backgrounds (55.3%) (NSHSS)



FeetApart is a social, employee friendly health & wellness platform targeted to make employees lead a stress-free and healthy lifestyle. For organizations, this means reduced costs on employee health, increased employee productivity and better work culture.

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