Dal Chawal – The End Saver

We Indians are crazy for Dal chawal. All of us accept this without any denying. But have we ever thought, Dal chawal can be a Hero in all our lives? Yes, it can be! This food can actually save the world from ending. I know all of you will be a bit confused right now. Don’t you worry, I will explain this! The humble desi staple is the best thing to eat if you want to save the planet and end world hunger.

Desi Indian Craving

This desi dish has everyone’s heart. Down south, we have multiple variations like sambar sadham, while all Bengalis are familiar with the satisfying bowl of dal bhaati and most North Indians crave Maa ki Dal. Before jumping into showcasing it as the hero, let us dig through some of the other contributing factors. Most of us love meat! But did you know, that whole of the “animal agriculture” produces more greenhouse gases than the whole of the transportation industry combined. As global warming is hitting our head, lessening the meat intake can create lesser climate changes. So climate change is the Thanos here in this situation. Avengers comes into action right now. Dal chawal is a real lifesaver in this scenario. All nutritional values are added to this simple dish. You can gulp it as Hulk does! Lol.

Now let’s discuss the superpowers of this staple for weight loss. Dinner options are the biggest worry for any weight loss fanatic. Fret not, Dal chawal comes to the rescue here. Spider webs! Haha. The essential proteins, carbs, and fiber in dal chawal ensure sustainable weight loss and will not hurt our health in any way. We all can consume it as dinner a minimum of four days every week and still continue to lose weight.

So let’s not worry about our desi craving anymore. In this world of dramatic climate changes and changing fitness lifestyles, Dal chawal is a Superhero and Yea, it can Save the World from the End Game!


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