After an incredible workout, all I need to do is sit back, unwind, and treat myself to something tasty – like a pint of beer or a colossal. Presently, there’s a lot of discussion concerning why liquor isn’t generally extraordinary for you after you work out. Be that as it may, there are opposite sides to each story, and lo and see, there are a lot of reasons why drinking a brew post-exercise can really be an incredible thought.

Here are a few reasons why having a beer after your workout is good:

  • Helps you Relax

Alcohol is a sedative and depressant. This will help you relax after a workout. It will also lift your mood while you drink some.

  • Bonding and Motivation

Alcohol is considered to be a social lubricant. After having a beer, people tend to open up after a workout and that increases the bond between people who work out together. Later that leads to a huge motivation quotient.

  • Increase Bone Density

An occasional beer can increase your bone density. The beer has flavonoids and that has an ability to replace natural hormones.

  • Increases Vitamin B6 levels

Beer is loaded with vitamin B6. There is a lot of studies states that the level of nutrients in blood plasma is higher in regular beer drinkers. Vitamin B6 is likewise said to help with various medical problems, including weakness and sadness.

  • Reduces risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Having a beer is considerable after your workout as it reduces the risk of having type 2 diabetes. You don’t believe me? Go check out for yourself. There are a lot of health studies that accepts the same.

  • Beer is Anti-Inflammatory

Now, this is something you can’t avoid. The muscle inflammations we all get after a workout is very distressing.  Drinking a beer can actually reduce the risk of having this by 28%. Also, it reduces the risk of having respiratory infections.

It’s just plain obvious, it’s about moderation honey!

As all it goes, drinking beer is beneficial if that’s in a limit. Nevertheless, don’t chug on the beer like you have not seen it before. Take it slow! Lol! Be it a workout or anything, have a pint, chill, relax and burn more.



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