5 Surprising Symptoms Of Depression!

Everyone feels a little down in the dumps now and then. But sadness and withdrawal can become crippling, putting you at risk for a number of serious conditions and consequences and depression.

Depression symptoms aren’t always as obvious as frequent crying and overwhelming despair. Major depression isn’t always so easy to spot in yourself or someone you love. Here are six symptoms – that you shouldn’t ignore:

  • Trouble Sleeping

Despite being slower in demeanour and motivation, depressed people often lie awake at night, unable to sleep. On the other hand, some depressed people may find it difficult to get out of bed and may sleep for long periods during the day.

  • Change in Appetite

Some people overeat when they’re depressed or anxious, but in people with severe depression, the opposite is usually true. A depressed person may stop eating because he or she is no longer concerned with physical well-being.

  • Loss of interest in Favourite Activities

Some people turn to hobbies they enjoy when they feel blue, but people with major depression tend to avoid them. It’s a red flag when someone is not interested in doing something he/she was crazy about before.

  • You can’t make up your mind

It diminishes the ability to concentrate, including making decisions. The cognitive process may be slowed down making it difficult for you to even decide on a morning coffee.

  • Drinking more alcohol than usual

You tend to drink more alcohol when you are in some small or deep stress. Some drink alcohol to mask up their feelings and emotions. Some cases, having a beer can even trigger someone’s mood.

Depression can sneak up on you at times. It is not a normal part of growing older, and it should never be taken lightly. Firstly don’t stress too much about life. Take everything lightly. Everything happens for a reason.

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