4 Ways To Clear Your Mind!

A bustling personality is something a lot of us deal with between our full lives and demanding schedules. But what happens when you’re too caught up planning for things in the future, or remembering things from the past? You’re passing up your life and your mind!

The pace of life has increased, we’re multitasking at ever-increasing rates. The concern is that the artificial environment humans have created for themselves, using all kinds of technology, may actually stress the brain.

While every moment may not be 100 percent all in, with a little exertion you can clear your mind so you are more present for what’s happening before you.

Here are four things you can do to clear your mind.

  • Run

It is something of a cliché among runners, how the activity never fails to clear your head. Are you deliberating between one of two potentially life-altering decisions? Go for a run. Are you feeling mildly mad, sad, or even just vaguely ugh?

Go for a run, go for a run, go for a run!

  • Take a walk

Walking and exercise have benefits beyond the merely physical. Walking can help relieve stress. It gives you time to think, as well as time to get away from stressors. Getting out of the stressful environment, breathing the air, and feeling your body move is natural stress-relief.

Take a break, Loosen up, Get out of your head and laugh!

  • Get out in nature

A walk in the park may soothe the mind and, in the process, change the workings of our brains in ways that improve our mental health. Sometimes our minds just need a perspective shift to clear.

  • Write

Writing down what’s on our mind is a great way to work through inner conflict or process your feelings around a particular situation. It’s similar to talking about a situation through with a friend.  it’s a useful way of strengthening your self-soothing abilities and enhancing your self-knowledge.

These things will work wonders for clearing the mind, and the more often you do them, the easier it will be to keep your focus in the conversation that’s happening in front of you so you won’t miss out on your life.


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