Top 5 Weight-Loss Mistakes

Going to office on a Monday morning is easier compared to losing weight. Weight loss is an emotional journey with unmeasurable hip sizes, plateau phases and cravings for eating that delicious slice of pizza.

We are not here to dishearten you or annoy you or tell you the same thing that everyone around the block yaps about. A friend in deed will take that waffle cone from your hand and replace it with a granola bar instead. 🙂

We are exactly talking about that friend who is here to tell you what you are doing wrong rather than boasting about the good things.

Here are the commonly made mistakes that you knowingly or unknowingly do which puts a barbell in your path to lose those numbers:

  1. Not sleeping enough
Burning the midnight oil will never help you burn your fats!


University of Chicago compared the weight-loss results from people consuming the same amount of calories and sleeping eight and a half hours per night versus only five and a half hours per night. The well-rested people lost more twice as more fat as compared to the tired ones.




2. You only focus on the weighing scale

We don’t need no weighing scale

As FeetApart says, “Whats in a number? That which we think higher somewhere would be lower to someone else.” 🙂

Many factors can affect your weighing scale, including fluid fluctuations, muscle mass gain and the weight of the undigested food. You STILL maybe losing body fat even if the scale reading doesn’t bulge a bit.



3. You are Overestimating

Control YOUR Mind

Many people feel that exercise has “supercharged” their metabolism and they are losing weight every minute.

While some people follow the same exercise routine daily. Some exercise too much and then eat extra fried junk thinking it will all be balanced. Sigh! If life was only that easy.

While some are so routine oriented that they forget to take a break day! Some think only cardio will help them lose weight.

Relax! The problem here is not what is correct and what is wrong, it’s simple that YOU are Overthinking everything!!

Follow your routine, set a routine, go dive in for a cheat meal periodically and enjoy that balanced lifestyle. No thinking and that’s about it.


4. You are not tracking

Read before you Eat!

Eating nutritious food is a good weight loss strategy. Don’t do a simple mistake of not knowing how much to consume and how much to burn. Ideally, start with a BMR calcuator and identify the macro contents that you require.

I am not saying that you have to track everything daily and forever! I’d recommend that you do that for 2–3 weeks to get a rough idea and then you can say bye bye to feeding in all that you consume. Initially, make it a point to read the labels of everything you buy to get a rough idea. You’ll be a superstar just in few weeks.

It’s simple — If you are not tracking initially, you may be consuming more calories than you realize.

5. Die-eating

What if you Stopped Living?

The concept is simple: Eat a balanced diet and have food from each group and do not just focus on Proteins or Fibers, we need everything.Remember portion control helps and eat when you are hungry and stop when you are about to get full. The biggest problem is when someone says, “I was not hungry and I skipped a meal.” Skipping will only add to bloating and probably more weight gain. If none of that happens, I am sure your metabolism is surely going in for a toss!

Last two cents is to not forget to keep yourself hydrated enough!



So folks, weight gain doesn’t happen overnight and getting healthy to lose weight takes time. Respect your body and fuel it right!


The best way to get results is to get your loved ones on this journey and help you maintain your sanity. Visit FeetApart to help us to inspire a better life for you!


FeetApart is a social, employee friendly health & wellness platform targeted to make employees lead a stress-free and healthy lifestyle. For organizations, this means reduced costs on employee health, increased employee productivity and better work culture.

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