Why You Need To Pack Your Bags And Disappear Every Now and Then

If there’s one thing that social media has prompted people to do, apart from appeasing their narcissistic instincts of course, is to travel. While some may choose to travel only to keep their social status intact there are many that genuinely need the break from their mundane life.

There is no doubt that travelling is a whole lot of fun but there are many other reasons why you should leave your cosy beds and stacked office desks to explore new places.

Unleash the foodie inside you:

Post-vacation weight is a sign that you’ve had a rocking holiday. Travelling to a new place unleashes the glutton in most of us and why not! If you are not stuffing your face with all the exotic ingredients and native dishes you are probably missing out on the best part of your trip.


Transforms you into a new, improved version of yourself:

 “To travel is to take a journey into yourself” – Danny Kaye

When you are in a new place you need to stretch your abilities to socialise and to find your way around, which helps in enhancing your personality. It gives you a new perspective to yourself and the world around you. So it’s not surprising that lots of people discover their hidden talents and some also find their true calling in life when they are travelling.

Appreciate the little things in life:

For most of us visiting a new country is a one-time experience and the possibility of us returning are close to nil. So most of us go all out on trips and enjoy every minute to the fullest. More than anything we are in awe of the tinniest things cause we know that we’ll probably never see them again.

Soothes your stressed nervous:

Gorgeous sight-seeing, yummy food, new people to interact with – travelling is the best medicine for a stressed mind. You can use your travel time to indulge in whatever you love. Being in a new place with leisure time automatically transforms you in a pleasant state of mind.


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